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The K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc.

Our History

  • The K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc. is a group of concerned grass roots individuals who strongly believe in the system of modern medicine in the United States of America. 
  • We will educate and advocate for those whose voices that should be heard, as well as those voices that do not know how to be heard. We are a nonprofit foundation that raises awareness of kidney prevention from failure & disease.

Our Purpose

  • The K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc.’s purpose is to provide training programs and  tangible services, provide funding and resources necessary to bring awareness regarding Chronic Kidney Disease. 
  • The National Kidney Foundation has the necessary facilities and resources needed to foster awareness needed through advanced technology and other applications.

Building An Alliance

  • We believe there is a mutual benefit in forming a business partnerships and alliances with existing entities which will create a strategic alliance to foster better outcomes. 
  • It is advantageous to pool resources in order to pursue the objective of dealing with the devastating effects that Chronic Kidney Disease has on under-served communities. 

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There are around 70,000 ethnic minorities on the Organ Donation Waiting List currently. 

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