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The K-I-C-K Foundation Inc.



  • Objective
  • We propose to form a collaborative effort with the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio Chapter concentrating on underserved communities located in the greater Cleveland area. We intend to educate and to prepare people with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to understand and secure treatment modalities for those diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Thus, we will create strategies that promote relationships that help to build the knowledge base of the community and teach people the importance of understanding total health and wellness.  With these partnerships, it is anticipated that a vital link will be created using existing resources which will empower people and lead to restoration of broken chain in the health care system.


  • Conclusion
  • On a daily basis minorities in underserved communities health and well-beng is in grave danger. Although Chronic Kidney Disease is a huge societal problem, our focus is to make an impact in the lives do no have access to resources in the health care system.  The 
  • K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc. will open the information highway and guide those suffering with Chronic Kidney Disease how to create a better future for themselves and their fellow man. We will strive to build a community where multiple generations learn from, teach and support one another. We are determined to develop an environment in which health and wellness empowers people to become more strategic to overcome economic and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. Thus, creating a trickle-down effect that begins at home whereby communities become informed and connected to local and global health care issues. It's our dream to restore neighborhoods back into communities. The goal of this initiative is to raise achievement levels for all people which will result in better outcomes for anyone who is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease. 

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