About Our Foundation


  • The K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc. is a group of concerned grass roots individuals who strongly believe in the system of modern medicine in the United States of America. We will educate and advocate for those whose voices that should be heard, as well as those voices that do not know how to be heard. 

  • The K-I-C-K Foundation Inc.’s, purpose is to provide training programs and  tangible services, provide funding and resources necessary to bring awareness regarding Chronic Kidney Disease. The National Kidney Foundation has the necessary facilities and resources needed to foster awareness needed through advanced technology and other applications.

  • We believe there is a mutual benefit in forming a business partnerships and alliances with existing entities which will create a strategic alliance to foster better outcomes. It is advantageous to pool resources in order to pursue the objective of dealing with the devastating effects that Chronic Kidney Disease has on underserved communities. 


  • We propose to form a collaborative effort with the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio Chapter concentrating on undeserved communities located in the greater Cleveland area. We intend to educate and prepare people with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to understand and secure treatment modalities for those diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Thus, we will create strategies that promote relationships that help to build the knowledge base of the community and teach people the importance of understanding total health and wellness.  With these partnerships, it is anticipated that a vital link will be created using existing resources which will empower people and lead to restoration of broken chains in the health care system.

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  • We are here to assure our community is conscious of this illness. Everyone should have the preventative knowledge to keep themselves from becoming a victim of kidney failure.

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