Our Founder and Chairman

Heyward R. Prude III

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” 

  • A Cleveland native  Heyward R. Prude III  was being groomed as a young child by his mother and grandmother to become a community activist. Watching their countless acts of humility, and the giving spirit of these two powerful women.  Heyward R. Prude III  began to carry their legacy forward through grade school tutoring his peers in math and science. Heyward advocated for his fellow classmates in the Big Buddy Little Program as a mentor for troubled young boys and girls. He also had an interest in music and was fascinated with the work of the Cleveland Orchestra, he learned to play the Violin. As a violin player he was one of the first African American males to play the violin in a band within the Cleveland Municipal School District. 

  • Heyward R. Prude III  attended John Hay High School in Cleveland, Ohio and was recognized for his academic achievements by "Who’s Who" of American High School Students as well as the National Honor Society.  Heyward R. Prude III  also is an accomplished poetry writer and has had his work published in “Great Poets of our Time,” as well as periodicals and newsletters.  Heyward R. Prude III  was also involved in the political process and was nominated as a page for the late Congressman Louis Stokes.  Heyward R. Prude III  was also reported in several newspapers, coached football and basketball, he is a mentor, counselor and he also is a freelance photographer. 

  • Heyward R. Prude III  attended Cuyahoga Community College, Hondros College and Cleveland State University. He has been advocating in and around the city of Cleveland for some 22 years. He grew tired of the conditions facing the Cleveland community and the consistent failure facing youth, he founded the E.M.S. Rams Youth Development Group, Inc. in March of 2002. The organization was created from a vision of providing the youth a better experience in sports, mentoring and leadership programs. As the years progressed  Heyward R. Prude III  aspired to become more of an effective change agent and has expanded the mission of the E.M.S. Rams by collaborating with many agencies and programs throughout Cuyahoga County. He used the pitfalls he experienced as a young African American male raised in an urban community to his advantage and did not allow excuses to stand in his way.

  • Heyward R. Prude III  has traveled the country in pursuit of positive change for youth in undeserved communities. Heyward is also a Minster and a member of the City of God under the leadership of Pastor Kyle Early.

  • The Rams organization, is the epitome of hard work and a relentless pursuit of excellence and has served several thousand young people as well as needy families throughout the years.  Heyward R. Prude III  also founded another successful  non-profit organization The Chosen Few, incorporated in Cleveland.   Heyward R. Prude III  has sat on the board of Directors of the St. Clair- Superior Development Corporation and Business Professionals of America. He is currently attending the University of Tiffin, where he is on the Dean’s list and is also a graduate of the Neighborhood Leadership Development Program. 

  • Heyward R. Prude III  was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in September of 2017. Through his journey,  Heyward R. Prude III  discovered a multitude of disparities related to kidney disease and low-income communities. Thus, he wanted to do something to change the outcomes. He then founded the K-I-C-K Foundation, Inc., in October 2017. 

  • The mission of the K-I-C-K Foundation is to empower the voiceless in under-served communities with the knowledge, tools and resources in which they need to secure treatment modalities after they have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney disease.  Heyward R. Prude III  has been recognized by the Vanguards of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County Commissioners, USA Football, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Plain Dealer and Call and Post newspapers as well at the Cleveland Browns for his tireless work in the community. 

  • Heyward R. Prude III  acknowledges and credits his success to his mentors the late Councilwoman Fannie M. Lewis, Arthur Fayne, Jefferson Jones, Ted Ginn Sr., Tony Brooks and a multitude of other great men and women.

  • “My goal has always been to become a part of the solution and I model my commitment to that of a lion who is the king of the jungle.” “They are protectors yet they are tenacious in their pursuit of excellence.” “I believe that the world could be a better place if people would be willing to work together for a greater good of all humanity”