Our Team


Heyward R. Prude


  • A Cleveland native  Heyward R. Prude  was being groomed as a young child by his mother and grandmother to become a community activist. Watching their countless acts of humility, and the giving spirit of these two powerful women, Heyward R. Prude  began to carry their legacy forward through grade school tutoring his peers in math and science. 

  • Heyward R. Prude,  advocated for his fellow classmates in the Big Buddy Little Program as a mentor for troubled young boys and girls. He also had an interest was music was fascinated with the work of the Cleveland Orchestra and he learned to play the Violin. 

  • As a violin player he was one of the first African American males to play the violin in a band within the Cleveland Municipal School District. Heyward R. Prude attended John Hay High School in Cleveland and was recognized for his academic achievements by Who’s Who of American High School Students as well as the National Honor Society. 

  • He also is an accomplished poetry writer and has had his work published in “Great Poets of our Time,” as well as periodicals and newsletters. He also involved himself in the political process and was nominated as a page for the late Congressman Louis Stokes. He has also reported for several newspapers, coached football and basketball, he is a mentor, counselor and he also is a freelance photographer. 


Debora M. Lewis CHT, OCDT


  • Debora M. Lewis CHT, OCDT is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and currently resides in South Euclid. Ms. Lewis attends Imani United Church as an active member since 1995.

  • She is a mother of two adult children, Darnell and Desiree and one grandchild Bryson. Ms. Lewis serves on the Board for AP4TC a non-profit organization for at risk youth.

  • Debora currently works in the field of Nephrology, and has worked in and with Cleveland’s major outpatient Chronic Dialysis Clinics where she treats and educates patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the K-I-C-K Foundation. 

  • Serving as Executive Director with a primary purpose to inform, educate and share vital resources known and unknown to the African American and minority communities.


Chavae Blakely


  • I am a mother of two young children and I am a God-fearing woman as well as a small business owner.

  • As a community change agent, I would like to bring are community together as one to help support the K-I-C-K Foundation’s mission.

  • I love helping others and it is my hope that someday all people will come together to make the world a better place. I like helping people feel good about them-selves I also encourage positive thinking. 

  • Although there is no cure for chronic kidney disease through prayer, hard work and persistence we can make a better life for families all over the world.